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Similan Technology Co., Ltd. it logistics leader                                                                                                                  Technology logistics of aseanTechnology logistics of aseanTechnology logistics of asean

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Voice Control System (vocollect)
Voice and Light control

Voice Control System (vocollect) Intermec

The wonders of the voice-enabled warehouse are causing many companies to reassess their processes and procedures in order to leverage the capabilities
inherent to voice-enabling their warehouse. In fact, the form-fitting nature of voice technology is prompting more logistics professionals to ask the question “why not voice”

bullet Why Vocollect

When a prospect asks, 'Why Vocollect', the answer is simple - Vocollect is the only company that can offer customers a complete "engineered system"

optimized for voice in the warehouse.

Superior Voice Recognition

The crown jewel in the Vocollect solutions is our speech recognition software and our extreme recognition accuracy of in-vocabulary speech. While some 
voice providers will communicate that their solutions is "good enough", Vocollect knows that good enough simply is not good enough. Just ask one of our
more than 300,000 users of Vocollect Voice if "good enough" is good enough.

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bullet Voice Control System Products
Vocollect Talkman A500 Vocollect Talkman A500

Vocollect's flagship mobile computing appliance, the Vocollect Talkman A500, is a seventh generation solution offering designed for the harsh industrial warehouse/ distribution center environment. 
Vehicle Mount Talkman Vehicle Mount Talkman

Vocollect's Vehicle Mount Talkman (VMT) Solution improves productivity and accuracy by voice-enabling motorized vehicles in distribution centers
Vocollect SRX Wireless Headset Vocollect SRX Wireless Headset

With the intelligence to manage the quality of voice input / output built into the headset itself, the SRX wireless headset provides your workers with mobility up to 10 meters away from a mobile computer.
Vocollect SR-20 / SR-21 Headset Vocollect SR-20 / SR-21 Headset

The Vocollect SR-20 / SR-21 headset is a lightweight, single-cup headset that is perfect for general warehouse use.
Vocollect SL-14 Headset Vocollect SL-14 Headset

The Vocollect SL-14 headset provides our lightest headset experience ever with a single earpiece, available in both right- and left-side versions.


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สำหรับผู้คนบนโลกใบนี้ ...

Benefits of Voice Control System (vocollect) Intermec
  • Customized configurations Pick-by-Voice from Dematic can be easily tailored to the most diverse individual project requirements.

  • Efficient reporting An integrated reporting tool enables you to have all process-critical parameters at your fingertips at all times.

  • Intelligent warehouse management In addition to the actual order picking, the system also performs important tasks at the warehouse management level, particularly in configuring and optimizing pick sequences.
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