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Similan Technology Co., Ltd. it logistics leader                                                                                                                  Technology logistics of aseanTechnology logistics of aseanTechnology logistics of asean

   ก้าวสู่ปีที่ 13 แห่งความสำเร็จ สู่การเป็น ASEAN IT Logistics Leader
   โปรแกรมคลังสินค้า WMS, โปรแกรมขนส่ง, โปรแกรมด้าน Logistics, Barcode, RFID
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ตัวแทนจำหน่าย Intermec (Partner)

ตัวแทนจำหน่ายของ Intermec โดย Intermec เป็นผู้ผลิตชั้นนำด้านอุปกรณ์ Handheld, RFID, Barcode Printer and Scanner เป็นต้น ซึ่งลูกค้าสามารถ ติดต่อสั่งซื้อ อุปกรณ์ Handheld, RFID, Barcode Printer and Scanner ของ Intermec ได้ที่ โทร. 02-136-4888 (Auto)
bullet RFID Intermec
RFID Fixed Readers

RFID Fixed Readers »

Smart RFID readers to reduce the communications burden on your network or servers.

RFID Handheld Readers

RFID Handheld Readers »

Combine the power of a mobile device with wireless networking and multi-protocol RFID capabilities.

RFID Vehicle Mount Readers

RFID Vehicle Mount Readers »

Where true mobility meets the convenience of hands-free scanning with little or no human intervention.

RFID Printers

RFID Printers (redirects to Printers Section) »

With an Intermec RFID printer, print and encode smart labels to enable RFID tracking for quick and accurate data collection.

RFID Tags and Smart Labels

RFID Tags and Smart Labels »

Intermec’s high-performance, durable tag and label products have a proven track record in a variety of applications. 

RFID Antennas

RFID Antennas »

The RFID antenna family offers a variety of gain, polarization and radiation pattern options. 

bullet Barcode Scanner Intermec
Rugged Bar Code Scanners

Rugged Bar Code Scanners »

The convenience of scanning automation, with features you need, at the right price.

Specialty Bar Code Scanners

Specialty Bar Code Scanners »

Rugged, industrial products with Bluetooth® communication to disentangle from the cable but stay securely connected.

General Duty Scanners

General Duty Scanners »

Designed for small to medium sized businesses, Intermec general duty scanners offer simple, reliable and affordable scanning for day-to-day operations.

bullet Printers Intermec
Industrial Printers

Industrial Printers »

The built-in "smarts" of Intermec industrial printers means greater efficiency and lower cost. Wired and wireless solutions for all high-demand printing needs.

Desktop Printers

Desktop Printers »

Quiet, compact, intuitive, and reliable – with a range of configurations specifically designed to excel in your business environment, Intermec's desktop printers are the clear choice for a wide variety of light-duty labeling applications.

Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers »

Designed to withstand punishing field conditions, Intermec’s mobile printers allow a full day of printing without recharging.

RFID Printers

RFID Printers »

With an Intermec RFID printer, print and encode smart labels to enable RFID tracking for quick and accurate data collection.

Printer Software

Printer Software »

Intermec software supports printer management, bi-directional communication, network connectivity and label design.

Media Supplies

Media Supplies »

Intermec labels, receipts, tags and ribbons support a broad range of bar code printing applications, even in some of the toughest environments.

bullet Computer Mobile (Hanheld) Intermec
Handheld Computers

Handheld Computers »

Easy-to-use, portable and rugged, Intermec's handheld devices support a wide variety of applications.

Fixed and Vehicle Computers

Fixed and Vehicle Computers »

ntermec Fixed and Vehicle Mount computers are built to last, and known for their durability.

Hazardous Environment Computers

Hazardous Environment Computers »

Only Intermec provides a complete range of Non-Incendive and Intrinsically Safe mobile computers that offer seamless integration across your hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

bullet About Intermec

Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) is in the business of helping you achieve the most return from your automated information and data capture (AIDC) and mobile computing systems. That means we do more than design and build the industry’s most complete lineup of rugged, reliable and versatile equipment. We also work with you to get inside your challenges, to know your unique situation and then leverage our strong relationships with resellers and industry-leading alliance partners to help you create a total solution that harmonizes with your networks, platforms and processes. Our collaborative, connected approach can ensure a more complete and seamless implementation whether your needs call for our Gen2 RFID, bar code systems, rugged computers or a Cisco WLAN infrastructure.

Link :
bullet ทำไมต้องซื้อผลิตภัณฑ์ของ Intermec กับ Similan Technology Co.,Ltd.
- เราเป็นตัวแทนจำหน่าย Intermec (Partner)
- สามารถให้คำปรึกษาในการเลือกใช้ผลิตภัณฑ์ของ Intermec ได้อย่างดีเยี่ยม
- สามารถซื้อผลิตภัณฑ์ของ Intermec ได้ในราคาถูก

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